Hi all from n2m and rotiJo

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    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for visiting/joining our forum @ Pokego.Live.

    Firstly, n2m and I (rotiJo) would like to extend our warmest welcome to all of you. Do feel free to post and/or ask any questions that you have. We hope you guys can be part of thisSingapore and Malaysia Pokemon Go community, help to make it grow. We hope that this community can make Pokemon Go more enjoyable for each and everyone of us.

    Enjoy your stay here and hope to hear from you guys soon!


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    Hello everyone,

    I hope all members are able to enjoy Pokemon Go and make some new friends here.

    Gotta catch them all!

  • Hello :D

    Get to know this forum from the Instagram.

    Any idea when it will be released in Singapore? Been waiting so long for it to be released.

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    Welcome @ash90!
    I believe it will be launched in Singapore soon.
    Hong Kong has just got their Pokemon Launch this morning.
    Hopefully, we can get it within this week too. :smile:

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