Pokemon Go - Useful key words explained

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    You can battle with other teams' Pokemon at rival gyms to take over the gym.

    When you defeat each rival Pokemon, you will reduce the Gym's Prestige which will in turn lower the level of the Gym. Once the Gym's Prestige is reduced to zero, you capture the Gym for your team

    Combat Power (CP)
    CP is a measurement of a Pokemon’s attack strength in units. It determines how well the Pokemon will perform in battle.

    Defender Bonus
    If you successfully defended a Gym, you will receive a daily reward of Stardust and PokeCoins which can be claimed at the shop.

    After you have placed a Pokemon Egg in an incubator and walked the required distance (varies based on the egg), it will hatch into a Pokemon (rarity depends on the required distance i.e. longer the distance, the rarer the Pokemon) or goodies such as Stardust, Candy or XP. Eggs can be found at Pokestop.

    Evolution is the process of using Candy to evolve a Pokémon.

    You can get Candy by catching Pokemon, hatching Eggs, or transferring Pokemon to the Professor. Candy can be used to evolve a Pokemon or used to increase the CP of the Pokemon.

    Experience Points (XP)
    You can level up by gaining XP and XP can be gained by the following actions performed in Pokemon Go:

    500 XP - Capture a New Pokemon
    500 XP - Evolve a Pokemon
    200 XP - Hatch a Pokemon
    150 XP - Defeat a Pokemon Trainer at Gym
    100 XP - Capture a Pokemon
    100 XP - Excellent Throw
    100 XP - Battling a Pokemon Trainer at Gym
    50 XP - Beat a Pokemon in Training at a Gym
    50 XP - Checking in at a Pokestop
    50 XP - Great Throw
    10 XP - Nice Throw
    10 XP - Curve Ball

    Fainted Pokémon
    When a Pokemon's HP is reduced to zero, it becomes a fainted Pokemon. A fainted Pokemon must be revived using the items "Revive" or "Max Revive"

    Gyms are locations where you can battle with the Pokemon of rival teams, or train your Pokemon by battling against the Pokemon assigned there by other members of your team.

    Friendly Gyms are Gyms that belong to your team while Rival Gyms are Gyms that belong to other teams

    Open Gyms are Gyms that do not belong to any team, you may claim the Gym for your team.

    Hit Points (HP)
    HP is a measurement of a Pokemon’s health in units. A Pokemon becomes a fainted Pokemon when it's HP depletes to zero.

    Use incense to attract wild Pokemon to your location.

    An incubator will hatch Egg(s) placed in it as you walk the specified distance required to hatch the Egg(s).

    Lure Module
    Use Lure Module to attract wild Pokemon to a Pokestop for a limited time.

    Lucky Egg
    Using Lucky Egg will double the XP you earn for a limited time.

    Medals are awarded to you for an array of gameplay achievements.

    Poke Balls
    Poke Balls are items used to capture wild Pokémon and can be found at Pokestop or purchased in the shop.

    Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls are better performing Poke Balls that have greater ability to catch wild Pokemon.

    PokeCoins are in-game currency that Trainers can use to exchange for premium items in the shop. PokeCoins can be purchased in the shop.

    Pokedex is where a Trainer can find information of all the Pokemon that were caught or encountered.

    PokéStops are locations where you can gather items such as Poke Balls, Potions, and Eggs.

    A PokeStop will change its shape when you walk close enough. Touch it to interact with it, and spin the Photo Disc to get items.

    Potions are used to heal Pokemon by restoring their HP. The amount of HP restored depends on the type of potions.

    Trainers can power-up their Pokemons by sing Stardust and Candy to increase their CP and HP.

    Prestige is a measurement of a Gym's progress and is earned when Pokemon train at the Gym.

    Gyms can advance to higher levels by increasing the Gyms' Prestige.

    Razz Berry
    You can feed Razz Berry to a wild Pokemon to make it easier to be caught during an encounter

    Stardust is used to power-up a Pokemon and they can be acquired by catching Pokemon, hatching Eggs, and earning the Defender bonus.

    Trainers can battle Pokemon assigned by other members of their team at friendly Gyms to increase their XP and the Prestige of the Gym.

    Trainers are people like you and me who are playing Pokemon Go!

    Wild Pokemon
    Wild Pokemon are Pokemon that have not be caught.

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